As I mean to write…

I will begin immediately!

My intention is to provide a wealth of material I myself have created, and to provide it to anyone who wishes to see it. Whether it’s in a drawing or a chapter in my latest novel, I’ll do my best to make my latest work visible as soon as possible. My goal is at least a chapter a week, but depending on how much urging I get I think my schedule will be as erratic as my namesake.

That is, quite erratic. I would like to state, for the record, that any resemblance in my books to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental, and that also, anyone who steals my work or claims to have written things verbatim the same as my work is wished the best of luck.

That is, I’ve already got my bases covered. It’s my story I’m telling, and even if everyone believes the person who stole rather than me, I’ll still know that it’s my work and mine alone. (A misnomer; in fact all work is derivative in some form. I can claim that it is ‘mine’, but only by copying and pasting could someone reproduce it to such an extent that it would in fact be mine still.) I just want everyone to know that the ideas for my stories were created entirely by me. They may be influenced by work from any number of authors, for I’m a very prolific reader, but I can say that the characters and plots within them are definitely mine.

Well, actually the first story I plan on sharing is one that a friendly fellow writer swapped characters with me in order to write, so perhaps that’s not even entirely accurate. Still, a character that doesn’t evolve with the plot is not a character worth writing. It is my belief that if s/he had written for my character rather than I, the character would have turned out much, much different. Anyway, enjoy what follows- I’ll post them chapter by chapter.



Ah, forgot. Hello. My name is Sam, but you can call me Eris. Everyone who will know me will call me that anyway. This is a writer’s blog- rather, a writer’s story site with the look of a blog. I hope you find something you can enjoy here. I write many different genres [/boast] but in general my stories have a fantasy element to them. Be civil and kind and perhaps I’ll let you stay.

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