Posting Schedule & Chapter 2

Okay! Chapter 2 is up, first of all. Check out the links page if you just need to read that, otherwise I’m sure it’s somewhere in the slog of blog posts. Can’t do much about spoilers! Sorry! Just be careful when I post something new. I’ll update the links page every time I do, so no worries there.

Here’s the deal with when I’ll be posting. I know you’d love to all read the story RIGHT AWAY, but the point of the serial novel is that the author remains sane AND manages to have a regular schedule.

Since I’m neither sane nor schedule prone, you guys and gals can expect the occasional hiccup.

So here’s the schedule (subject to change, but I’ll tell you.)

I’m aiming for posting two chapters a week. That means monday and friday. If it seems like I’m not busy enough, I may just go for something like Monday Wednesday and Friday. We’ll see. Days I’m unlikely to post a chapter: Holidays. Birthdays- if I’m attending a party I’ll post ahead of time about it. When I’m so sick I can’t move. When I’ve fallen so far behind on writing it’s no longer possible to keep up. (Hah! Unlikely. I’ve got a nice buffer of chapters ready, so no worries!)

So again schedule:

Mondays and Fridays until further postage declares otherwise. When exactly is variable, but expect it before 11:00 PM, my time on update day. So go with east coast. Thanks for reading everybody! Hope you enjoy chapter two!


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