Okay, well… I’m going on a two week vacation (which I do every few years). Now, while I’ll try to update as regularly as possible, this’ll mean that, from the 14th on to the 29th, updates will be sparse or not at all. On the other hand, when I get back I can, of course, immediately post at least three, right? So expect the next updates on the 30th. If I can get them to my fan(s) sooner, I will, promise. Just think of it as extra time (if that’s even necessary) to catch up and theorize about what will happen next, I suppose.

Since there are four updates we may be missing quite soon, I’d like to take this time to quietly thank those of you who’ve stuck with it from the start. (not that this story has been going on all that long, really)

So thank you very much, everyone. If no one read it I probably wouldn’t post it. Wait, yes I would! I need to post to validate myself as a person who keeps he/r promises.

Thanks again, and seeya when I get back!


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