Jeez, What Am I Doing

Yeah, what’s UP with me, anyway?

Well, to make a short story shorter: life has been up with me. I AM done with chapter twenty eight! It’s not that so much as the lack of time between classes that’s been getting me down. Yeah, I’m a bad writer etc etc, woe is me and such.

I’m really sorry guys. I do try! It’s been a long, long coupla weeks, but I can’t even really promise anything as it gets busier. I’ll just do my best and see what I can put out there- I’ve not given up and I’m certainly still alive, and as long as I’m still alive I’ll never put down the pen- or the laptop.

Thanks for your continued readership and support. Hope to have something out soon!

PS: My laptop’s death is also a part of why there’s been a lack of activity. Now that that’s fixed, I can hopefully work more and whine less! Woo!

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