Poem: Soul – Star – Hope

Sometimes I go crazy and get super sad for no real reason. When I feel like that I always need to spend some time cooling down, and the easiest, best way to do that is to write poetry. This one, of course, also had the bonus of relieving some pressure because I had to finish it for my Creative Writing class, but you know, that’s probably okay.

If I get more than one of these suckers, I’ll snap up a poetry section.

Anyway, I’ve babbled on enough. I’ll do myself a favor and hush up and let you guys enjoy.


Soul – Star – Hope

A freeverse poem by Sam Oliver [Eris]

The stars burn


Like shining frozen


In the rain


Always too far


Said it was enough


Their words snake


Dodge the drops–


You I won’t




Listen to your heart

While it still beats free

Listen to the rain

Drumming on me

A shower’d molten glass

Will not the world compare

With every song in brass

The echoes draw me near



Like the fire


In my hair


Through the wind

I can

Feel the stare

Of sun

On my head

I will

Not be slain

By ice

In the vein

Of my heart.


Listen to your soul

While it flows for me

Listen to the pain

When it tears you free

Feel every voice

Aching to be heard

Still your every need

A caged, little bird


To sin wherein it


Like a tall tower


To hate wherein it


Unfazed by love’s power


To fearsome bitter


Swept from my heart


To frost on fingers’


Like iron in the dark.


Listen to your mind

While it sings so sweet

Listen to your hope

Arrested in its sleep

Cry for every love

Taken back unkempt

But live for who you are

And not for who you’ve dreamt

You should be.



Comments, questions, critiques? C’mon, I love hearing feedback! If you don’t put it out here, I can’t very well answer it now, can I?

Not that I want you to feel pressured. If you really don’t have anything to say and you just thought it was nice, feel free to snap that on too, I always like encouragement. On the other hand, if you think it’s total crap, TELL ME WHY PLEASE and tell it to me straight. I don’t like flame any more than the next gal/guy, but I’m a firm believer in honesty and I don’t aim to please everyone. I’d rather know the flaws so I can correct them than stay ignorant of them, and I need perspectives of all types in order to improve! I thrive on criticism and encouragement!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it at least, since it was such a joy to write.


Story Ideas: Deceive, And So Space Burns

One might be the new main project, the other is the working title of my long-awaited short sci fi story. Deceive will probably end up being fantasy, because really I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be. If it is fantasy, I’m going to be a lazy bum and call it science fantasy. The rules will be constant, but have both themes of magic and science, so science fantasy’ll probably work. I suspect it’ll be another character focused tale, but I may change my mind in the future. I still have a long way to go before I’m ready to start releasing new chapters. Any short stories I get done with I promise I’ll release right away! But the main project is still definitely Work In Progress. I want another hefty buffer- ten chapters at least- before I start posting stuff so I can be absolutely sure that it’s the right book for me to start my writing in.

And So Space Burns is turning out nice so far. I’ll probably skin it before I’m done and ruin it at least once, but so goes the creative process.

Sorry for the long wait! Classes are as brutal as expected. Lots of birthdays and parties and things for me to be attending. I don’t have nearly enough time to write. It’s no excuse! I will finish this short story and get progress done on the main project if I have to turn everything¬†my schedule¬†inside out to do it!

Thanks for your patience, guys gals and others. Writing is my life.


Exercise 1: Character Ideas

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m sensitive to criticism. This post has nothing to do with that. I just decided today- well, yesterday now- that I was going to write up five characters. These are those characters. It’s sort of an exercise and sort of just an excuse to post something worth posting. Progress on the new novel, ‘Deceive’ is being faltering again, and, because like anything I ever write, I can’t stick with one idea, I’m tossing around other stuff as well. We’ll talk more about Deceive in the post following this one.


PS: Sleep. Who even needs that stuff anymore, you know?

Name: Adial Shard

Species: Human

Age: 27 Sirius Spins [Station rotations, each equivalent to an earth year]

Gender: Male

Occupation: Captain of the Guard

Height: 2 meters. [about 4 spares.]

Weight: 82 kilograms. [8 teeth and 2 nails]

Biography: He grew up in Arcton, onboard Sirius Station. The measurement system there is unique to the station’s ecosystem, being in the wild part of the Station, living in areas mostly overgrown. While not the best of environments for a growing boy, he hardened quickly after his family moved from the Star Dome of Sirius. His father died shortly after the move– of Mortality Syndrome. Since then, life has taken a toll on Shard. What remains of Sirius Station has become dangerously unstable. It seems to be filled to the brim with genetic mutants, aliens, and refugees of all kinds, and sparks of conflict threaten to bring the entire station down. Shard feels that it’s his job to keep that in check.

Name: Vae of the Thorn

Species: Anthroelemental

Age: 4 earth-like revolutions around a similar star [20 equal-hour day, 503 day year split unevenly into 5 seasons]

Gender: Reproductionless /w female pronouns

Occupation: Guardian

Height: exactly 2.8 meters [earth measurement standard]

Weight: exactly 100 kilograms [earth measurement standard]

Biography: One of the original Elemental Statues created by Puck the Thief, Angus of Thought, and Sirius Traveler. Her aspect is of Sirius, and her function is to wait until she is reactivated by those who seek that ancient artifact, so that she may judge whether or not they are worthy. Until then, she travels from town to town, deactivated and causing incidental havoc. She is incapable of responding to anyone but those destined to seek Sirius.

Name: Grav Orlay

Species: Genetically modified human

Age: 30 Station Standard Rotations [earth-year model]

Gender: Bigendered [With modifications to make switches painless and simple]

Occupation: “Of the Colony 50.”

Height: merely 1.9 meters [about 5 ft 9 inches (male and female)]

Weight: precisely 40.9 kilograms [90 pounds.]

Biography: To be “Of the Colony 50” is to be quite special. Bred and aged to be exactly the right weight, size and disposition, Grav is perfectly fit for the mission the Colony 50 will be sent on. As to where exactly that is and what exactly that will entail, Grav does not know. Grav Orlay is the only bigendered human in the colony group.

Name: Mack

Species: Human

Age: 19 earth years

Gender: Fluid

Occupation: Station Mastress

Height: 1.6 meters

Weight: 50 kilograms

Biography: Sh/e was originally born on Centauri Station. Mack is now almost all that’s left of Centauri Station- with the advent of FolTechD and the rising popularity of outer limit colonization, Mack is a bit lonely at hi/s station. Sh/e isn’t lonely for always, though. After Centauri developed FolTechD, hi/s role was promoted- especially since hi/s parents were both obliterated in the gravitational forces involved in the FolTechD drive’s creation. Mack was instantaneously given a condolence memo as well as congratulations as sh/e was made Station Mastress for Centauri. Needless to say, Mack, who had loved hi/s parents dearly, was less than thrilled by the transition’s implications. The highlights of hi/s day is watching newcomers Fold in, dealing with their problems, and deciding which of the dark green suits in hi/s closet would be best to put on this cycle. Thrilling.

Name: Madria Stormsway

Species: Artificial lifeform class A / Half-demon

Age: 47 standard earth years

Gender: Construct / Female

Occupation: Rogue Weather Rectification Construct / Wandering seer and mage

Height: 1.8 meters

Weight: exactly 150 kilograms

Biography: Originally created to help control the weather, locals believe her to be an incredibly powerful half-demon. While magic does seem to hold some power on this plane, her abilities stem almost entirely from constructs of technology. Her slight frame belies an incredibly heavy body, and while she was originally built with pacifist programs, they have malfunctioned over the years and are now no longer compatible with the way her system has evolved.