The Essence of Poetry

The expression of feeling, the completion of an idea, the creation of art. A rhythm undivided by needless lines, a form of feeling, raw, unfiltered….

Or subtle and sly, like a slick, cold shadow, flitting from word to word without intervening meaning, only showing flickers of the poet’s heart.

It doesn’t make a difference- whether subtle or blunt, beautiful or ugly, poetry is poetry. Without expression, how can we really understand one another? It seems to me that the very idea of living without expression is laughable, as a species that communicates entirely with symbols- and symbols that are, in the end, used almost solely to communicate feelings or ideas! With ideas themselves composed almost entirely of symbols as well, we ARE what we express.

Poetry provides a raw outlet for that, something which I am a wholehearted supporter. I’ll see if I can’t get another poem out today, right now it’s just the break between classes and I don’t trust myself to be able to express what I’ve been feeling in that time.

1 thought on “The Essence of Poetry

  1. I like poetry, too, and often wish I’d read more of it when I was young. You’re so lucky to be just starting. You’ll read a lot more poetry in your lifetime than me because you’re beginning sooner! So

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