Poem: Heart – Memory

Heart – Memory

An experimental dual poem in quatrains by Sam Oliver [Eris]


With every floating shining bubble,

Drifting in my mind,

The heart’s desire is not a bauble,

To be paid in kind


It isn’t something that you grasp

Whilst grinning ear to ear

Or something else that has a clasp

To hold from webs held dear


You cannot touch it with your hand

You cannot see it with your eyes

If you try to feel a strand

You’ll find it slowly dies


Withers away and while you watch

You cannot drag it back

A memory falls and makes a match

But not a one that lies on track


From time to time we’ll find a heart

With memories all aflow

To say it is ’till death do us part’

To set the candle aglow


A candle of love like life long lost

A candle of hope with no fear

A candle that sings of winter’s frost

A candle that burns too near


To wax which melts and runs to form

A memory from the dust

You cannot bring it back to norm

No matter what your lust


The wax is run

The time is now

If make it done



The heart which beat

To fill this life

With memory sweet



In time and time again you’ll see

The beat will beat no more

In time and time again I’ll be

A memory,

on the




©2012 Sam Oliver [Eris]


I like this poem. I have nothing further to say.


PS: In case it wasn’t obvious, the idea was that I wanted to write something in nothing but quatrains with the ABABCDCD rhyming scheme. So there you go. Also, each pair of rhyming lines should have similar length as far as syllables go. I changed it up a bit solely because it matched the flow. It was a structured decision and it’s MY darn poem, so hush.

2 thoughts on “Poem: Heart – Memory

  1. very beautiful darlin 🙂 a smidge hard to follow though, especially with you changing the length patters. Your poetry is improving 🙂

    • Hee. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback, good to know I’m getting better, especially since I’m still so new to it. x3 Or at least to sharing it! You know what I mean.

      I agree that it’s a bit hard to follow- but I think I’m okay with that. After modifying and tweaking it so much I’ll probably need to come back to it later. I’m okay with the length mostly because it gives it a weird rhythm, and I tend to have a weird rhythm! Makes it easier for me to relate.

      <3s -Eris

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