Poem: Sibling – Soulmate

Sibling – Soulmate

A dual-form freeverse poem by Sam Oliver [Eris]


Love sings down

Like a crown

On the field

Rustling through every



The trees all around

Like grass in the town

Surrounded by buildings

But not really



Together in stars

In hearts and the bars

Of light that shine out

From the sky


Together in part

By silver and soul

Together and never

Do we die


My world is ablaze

Like sunset

Like glaze, the light that reflects

In a silvered soft shine


Untouched here by

Slivers of fear

Or sought out by hate

Ridden hard to the gate

That now they will find

Quite closed


We don’t need their pain

Or their lust

Or the plainness

The petty contempt that they serve

We just have eachother

Like sisters, like brothers

Like siblings together


We cling-

We hope-

We hold-

and we love,

but we

are one

and the same.



©2012 Sam Oliver [Eris]


I love poetry.


2 thoughts on “Poem: Sibling – Soulmate

  1. Beautiful! I don’t know… what else to say… “Together in stars/In hearts and the bars/Of light that shine out/From the sky”–my favorite lines.

    • Thanks Megan! ❤ I don't know if those're my favorite lines- the last ones give me shivers when I read 'em. I like the rhythm there, yeah, I was happy to write it this way. I only have one stanza I'm thinking about cutting, but if I don't have to I might just end up shifting it around a bit instead.


      PS: Yeah, poetry. Hard to define and harder to criticize. Prove me wrong, internet.

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