Poem: Promises, Promises

Promises, Promises

An oath poem by Sam Oliver [Eris]


I promise this

And that

Without thought, rhyme or reason

Without thinking about it

For too hard or too long

Or deep into a season

Because I am just me my love

I won’t stay this way for long

But here are some promises

I think I will set down

For you


I promise that I love you

Standing here

Sitting here

Thinking of all those

Who I gave my love before

Thinking of the ones

I know that I adore

Beyond a doubt

Beyond a whisper

No a shadow

No a shade

of a doubt

in my mind


I promise that I’ll hear you

Hear you sing

Hear you cry

Wait with you

Stay with you

When everything is


Listen to your heart

Beating in your chest

Lying there

With you even as I’m

Without you


I promise that I’ll see you

When no one else can watch

Eyes taking in

The scars of sin-

yours and mine-

That others might just shun

I promise, love

I promise

That I will never run


I promise it doesn’t matter

If you want me boy or girl

I’ll be either

I’ll be neither

Or give them both a whirl


I promise I don’t care

If neither makes you spin

In a circle

On your toes

Watching me, teasing me

With do’s and don’t’s

I know I shouldn’t listen


but do I, don’t I

doesn’t matter

As long as I’m with



I promise I don’t mind

That you aren’t the neatest love

That you don’t clean up your room

That you can’t see clouds above

For the stars all in your head

Painting your mind green

I love the color anyway

Because it is a sheen

That reminds me

Of you


I promise that I’ll be there

No matter what you see

By your side

Along for the ride

So long as you’ll let me


I promise I’ll sing with you

When your heart cries out

Tolerate your tuneless hum

And listen to you shout

The chorus in the song of life

The good and so the bad

I promise that I love you, dear

You’re all that I have had

Can have

And want


And you are many people, love

Plain as it can be

I promise that I love you so

But please now listen

To me

I know that I am not the best

The most stable or most kind

But I’ll be here

For to draw near

Should you ever need my mind

And soul.





© 2012 Sam Oliver [Eris]


Annnd the first poem I write after turning twenty one? I promise it isn’t a love poem. I totally, totally promise.

I’m an awful liar. It’s an oath of sorts, in and of itself, and quite personal this time. I know that the subject of loving more than one person is itself a hotly debated topic, so I’m going to say nothing about that. Officially I suppose I’m dating no one. My relationships tend to stay online, and I’m told that (it’s a load of horse apples, really) physical intimacy is a requirement for actual dating to take place. Unofficially, I’m in love with, oh, everyone. I love meeting people, I love learning about them and listening to them, and I love talking to them with a passion. Honest and for truly.

And it’s a unique love for everyone I meet. I suppose that’s fitting- every single person is different. It’s really neat to see all the different types there are and to meet, talk to and cuddle with people is pretty awesome.

It helps that it’s unconditional. Oh, sometimes I’d really LIKE someone in particular to love me back, but if it comes down to it, it’s really not my choice at all. Love will strike who and what it likes. Forcing it has never led me to anything but pain in the past [Though actually, that’s going by Empirical Probability. Just because I’ve never had a good experience with trying to force love doesn’t mean it couldn’t theoretically happen, according to my math professor.] And I can talk about that in another post. ❤ Anyway, I hope someone somewhere out there could connect with something somewhere in this poem or post. ‘n if you couldn’t, I’d just like to apologize in this heartfelt manner (No, seriously!):

I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.



In unrelated news, apparently I am just as ambiguous in my language THIS year as I have been ALL THE REST OF THE YEARS. No one is surprised. No, not even me this time.

5 thoughts on “Poem: Promises, Promises

  1. Ohhh .. Missed your birthday.. when was it?? Belated happy birthday anyways..!! I’ll also turn 21 this year!! This and all others that went by before we knew each other.. I feel connected.. I love people.. At times just their face and at times what they say.. At times what they are and at times what they are not.. People call me confused because it happens that I love and dislike the same person at the same time.. It because everybody has something in them that either attracts me and something that repels me.. But I always believe that it is better to feel what you feel rather than think about it!! Because emotions are pure without thoughts!! What say??

    I promise I’ll be here even when I’m there, today tomorrow and forever! 😀

    • So sweet, as usual. ❤

      I believe that both thoughts and emotions are pure- purely real, purely ours, for each and every one of us. I agree that it's better to feel than to think, mostly because your mind can play so many tricks on you. Your heart knows fewer of them and so you're less likely to screw up just following your gut reaction.

      I'd say to be cautious, but that's not even close to my own personal philosophy.

      I often find myself just saying the first heartfelt thing that comes into my head! I don't even really stop to analyze it until afterward, and then it's a little too late. It's a habit that has worked so far, but I can't say for sure how long that will last. I find people amazing and wonderful, flaws and all- we're all flawed in some way and even people I don't get along with I can respect or love. It's a funny old world in that sense. There's a disconnect between my 'self' and my conceptualized 'self'. In one sense, I love everyone equally and I want to be able to help anyone who needs it. In another, I very much play favorites and it's always hopping around. It's not that I DON'T love some people, more that the reality is that I can't NOT bounce around as to who I am spending my time with, because I don't have enough time in the day to be with all of the people I'm in love with!

      I suppose that might be construed as damaging. I've been sorta crossing my fingers hoping I don't hurt anyone, because I just don't know how to stop. It's just how I am! I can't help it! I make sure anyone I love KNOWS that about me from the start so that they don't feel bad. It would be horrible if I ever made someone feel bad because I couldn't be there all the time. I think most of all I just want everyone to be happy, and knowing how HARD that is is not going to stop me trying- though really I need to be careful because if I burn out I'll never help anyone!

      Oh jeez, this turned out long. Thanks for dropping in! ❤ And thanks for wishing me a happy birthday! I don't make it too public, but I turned twenty-one on March 24th- last Saturday, I suppose.
      It's always good to hear from you. May fortune smile on you in all future endeavors, and may a pleasant sun shine down wherever you tread. ❤


      Sounds like a fair promise to me. :3 Add it to a promise list! Or don't. Totally up to you. ❤

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