Poem/Song: Reflection of the Broken Heart

She said she’d be true to me

My heart and my soul;

I cried for her words when

She told me the whole

The truth of her pain showed

Through cracks in her face

I knew if I touched her

We’d never embrace

Is it just my mind?

Is it just a reflection


Can it be that she’s mine?

Can it be that she’s lost to me

Souls cry out, their voices lifted to the wind

Her tears are breaking me

As I stare!

I caught her reflection

In the morning’s glare

I saw her standing

Saw her wearing my hair

Her eyes were mine

Her eyes were all mine

Her lips were full

And I shattered that


Shattered it

and she


Is it just my mind?

Is it just my imagination


She’s not just my mind…

She must be…

The tears I’ve shed for her

Rain down my cheeks

I know her death is real

It shows in the red that


Down through my fingers-

Onto the cold broken plain

Down past my palm and

Onto the grain

Of the sand…

She must be me…

I can feel it in my bones,

And she is me.



Non-traditional song/poem without that hated ABAA format that seems to be the norm these days. I dunno what drove me to write it, but it’s here, so I may as well share! I write a lot of stuff that I don’t know if I should share, but today I don’t really care. I’d rather just write it out. Just write it and let go of it.

So here it is. If you can find a tune for it, that’d be awesome. I’m thinking about what would go with it. I tried singing it and didn’t get very far. I’ll see about putting it to music and maybe sticking the recording up here. This goes into the poetry section, I guess? I don’t write songs, in case that wasn’t totes obvious. They’re just like poems with a tune, right? RIGHT?!



7 thoughts on “Poem/Song: Reflection of the Broken Heart

    • Probably! I’m planning on trying to turn it into one?? Then I can sing it at the next Coffeehouse, whenever the heck THAT is. Isn’t that bimonthly? I think that’s bimonthly. Bimonthly is a word, too, isn’t it?? Whatever.

  1. I really enjoyed it. It was hauntingly beautiful! Hope you find the perfect tune…..
    Oh and I responded to all your great comments to me….thanks so much, you are a sweetie…..
    Let us know if you turn this into musical genius!
    much love

  2. I love this Eris… sometimes I question sharing certain poem/writings. I tend to do a-lot of abab… I have never paid much attention to it. LOL
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem with us. ♥

    • Eh, you know! :3 ABAB and ABAA is common in song and poem. Reaaaallly common. I tend to break it without meaning to. But I do poems with a rhyme scheme of as-I-please. A lot of those. I don’t agonize over getting it to rhyme- it’s all about flow! If it doesn’t control the flow in some way, I try not to put it down. Thanks for visiting and I love that you love it. That always makes me feel real good. ❤

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