Poem: Skychild

Hers is a love

Deep and true

Like leaves that fall from the sky

Our child smiles once

And then pulls away

I feel

I’m watching her die

Her hand to her lips

The other, her heart

I feel the beat of her rush

She wants to call out

But I bid her to stay

She’ll only

Get in the way

His way.

She’ll only

Get in the way.


His wings spread wide

I watch him soar

My soul soars with him

In tandem

Wings beat out

Wing beats down

I wish that I could fly with them


I feel so useless

Standing here

My mate on edge at my side

I feel so helpless

Holding her hand

And wishing he needn’t ride

The wind


I’ll only get in his way, you know

I’ve heard it once before

I’ll only get in his way

I’m sure

He really needs must



The wind is free against my face

My heart is in my hands

I feel it jump with every beat

And at my body’s demands

I twist in the sky

So vibrantly blue

The sun piercing through my sight

Blazing bright, the only star

To never see the night

Back down to the ground

With a smile on my lips

It feels too wide to be true

I take my place at my mothers’ sides

And know now who I belong to-


The sky.


©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)

Hey everyone. Been a bit! Poem! Read!



2 thoughts on “Poem: Skychild

  1. I read this like four or five times to take in the depth of meaning in the words. There is a feel so familiar about it, but to vague to put words to. I so enjoyed your poem, I can see how you are proud of it….I would be too…..I am left with feelings of peace, a little sadness, happiness, freedom, resignation and finality….I like how you chose to write out the words in their stanzas….it seemed to have a double meaning in a few places and really had an impact that was lasting written this way…..so very thoughtfully written…..Very nice job, my friend!
    Big love to you

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