Poem: Let go of it all – Reflective

Let go of the dream of that girl who was pretty

Let it drop from your lips like a sack of sand and grit

Let go of the hope that one day you won’t be busy

Let it sink from your hands to the river, far below


Let go of the heart that was beating in your throat

Let it drop back to your chest, back where it belongs

Let go of the need that burned in your soul

Let it fall to the ground like a stillborn foal


You can cry if you want

If it makes the pain better

You can cry tears that sting

As they track down your face

You can cry if you need it

If you know that you are broken

But know that I’m here

To lean on.


Let go of the fear that nothing really matters

Watch it tumble down and shatter

To a million glittering shards


Let go of the thoughts all boiling in your head

Let them sleep inside your mind

And pull me close instead


Let go of the pain inside

Let go of the hate

Let go of those silly things

That might still yet abate


Let go of all you’ve fought for

Let go of all you’ve bled for

Let go of everything

And hold


to me



And what am I now

But a reflection in your eye

A fire in your heart

A spark in your soul


What am I when you look at me

But a person I am not

A place you still remember

The blankets still



A bed all made with covers fine

And silken sheets deployed

A night

Not a person

That you shouldn’t have



I am just reflective

A shadow of myself

A shadow shining from you

In the darkness and the filth

Lurching to me from your bed

With hands outstretched in vain

You reach out just to grasp me

But close on air again

and again.


I duck out to the window,

Standing on the ledge

Staring down eight stories

At the glint

Of a mirror’s





©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)




I got so many feels for you, Emily Dickinson. All the feels. All of them.



HEY GUYS GALS AND OTHERS. I’m working. Doing projects and junk. I’d post more of it but it’s like, now the pressure is on to get published and junk. So the freebies take less priority than the sellables. I’m still writing them, rest assured. Once I get a constant publishing place or a magazine, I’ll even link up to them if that’s a thing that’s allowed. I’ll still be writing for funsies, naturally, but apparently IN THIS WORLD A BEING HAS TO EAT. I am a being. Therefore I need to eat.

Which isn’t to say that I can’t do news posts and stuff. If that sort of thing pops up a lot here, now you know why! Love ya. All six of ya. ❤

3 thoughts on “Poem: Let go of it all – Reflective

  1. omnomnom poems. Taste like nourishment for the SOUL, amirite? also, welcome to the glorious seven. Actually it’s probably a few more than seven, but I can’t count very well. So hard to judge just from the stats thing. Wait, did I just imply I check my stats?? SHAMELESS. Truly a sellout. I don’t know if I can even DEAL with that. I’ll have to go find a way to deal with it. Somehow. You can deal with stuff. Rather like poetry nourishment, you can deal with it by finding things that satisfy the empty part of you that was left by whatever you’re trying to deal with. For me that happens to be writing– and it’s a wonder I don’t write way more than I do. I digress from my silly tangent.

    Thanks for the comment, follow and like. I’ll be around more often, at the very least for the next few weeks, so I’ll have all sorts of time to check people, blogs and works out. It’ll be nice, I expect.


  2. Wonderful poetry Eris. To “let go” release, and face what is underneath all those layers…. that to me is the ultimate in personal evolution and growth of spirit. So much of who we are is based on reflection and mirror imaging of others… to truly “see” oneself – and one’s shadow is probably the ultimate in self-acutalization…. and at that point – I think one can embrace the love of another in the most authentic way. Hope I’m on the right track 😉 — but this is what came to me reading this lovely work of yours ~ Blessings and Love, Robyn Lee

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