Poem: Thought


Don’t speak

I don’t want

Your words to taint

My thought

My idea

My novel

I just had one

This thought

Of you and yourself

So perfect

So crystal

So clear to me now

I just had one

This thought

Of you

And yourself


Right now

Right here.


I thought

This thought of mine

let it trickle down

like fire

like a stream

like a storm

contained in a droplet

running down bare skin

down belly

down thigh

past a bundle

of choked up lies

til it reaches my heart

buried in the sand

beneath my feet.


it leaps

my heart, not the thought

to my throat

when i hear you sigh

turn over

open your mouth

and say:

“Pass the sunscreen,

I don’t want to be




©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)




So baby steps, basically. My life is twisting in unexpected directions and I love it. Right now in my half-hungry, half-awake state I can see the horizon and it is a beautiful one. I keep telling myself that I need to go slow if I want to survive, that if I move too quickly I’ll trip– and it works, for a time, before I get excited again and have to force myself to slow down.

I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I haven’t felt this fulfilled in a long time, this full of energy. I’m not sure I can share what it is that has made me so happy. Not right yet. But maybe I can do that in the next news post, if things continue to work out in my favor. I just wanted to share that little piece of joy. In regards to the poem– well…. I’m not sure what inspired it, but I like it and I’m pretty sure that’s all that counts.





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