Poem: And the wind said to me

And the wind said to me:

“I don’t

want to change,”

The wind said to me:

“Just flutter

And flit

And float the same way

Til the day that I flutter

No more.”

And the ocean swimming near me

Where ankles dipped in

Are nibbled at by fish

Tickled at by lips

Of currents passing by

Said in a voice like a long

Heavy sigh:

“Go the way the current runs

Like I do


Lift not your head above the water

I won’t let you drown

If you stay with me and fight me not

We’ll be here and



Safe and warm

Warm and safe

Where seaweed


and fish

all play


The ocean and the wind

Both tell me I begin

In the same and different places

Though their voices they don’t lift

I feel it in the drift

Of their tone

That they are

Both and one the same

Both and one sad

Both and one angry

With me.


I don’t want to sit

In the wind

Listening to its voice

I don’t want to stay here with my feet

Dipped in water

Not by choice

but because

It rises all around me in a flood.


If I rise I will be blown


Fall and I will drown

There is nowhere I can find

To escape the heavy crown

Of desires


That are not my own.


Sit here then I will

Til the wind grows stronger still

Or the ocean flows above


My neck

Listening to the wind

As it tells me I begin

Here in this place

With two choices,

and two deaths

I can’t





Arms around me, take me from behind.

Slip under my own and hold me close

against a mind

both familiar and yet strange

like a mirror

or a pane

where a heart not my own

still beats.

An impish voice whispers

in an ear stung with blisters

by the cold of the wind that still yet


at my form:

I will keep you warm,

In this place

At this time.

I will keep you safe

Right here.

I will hold you tight

Wrap you up in silvered light

Save you from the ocean

And protect you

from the wind.

Drowned and soaked,

Blown away?

Not today, dear

Not today.

Death will not take you


I lean back against this mind

Familiar and unfettered

As a hand of my own lifts to touch against warm skin

Where it crosses over mine.


The wind it howls

The ocean it roars

The two of them together

Would dash me against shores

But wrapped in silvered light

With a mind I find delight

And the din of

Ocean’s sin

and the might

of the


are lost

in the warm



of the Knight.


©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)

To all who have ever felt trapped

Hurt, or broken

With love from


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