Poem: A Broken Shard of My Past

Shattered and cast

away drifting and broken

lies a shattered

glistening red


of my past


Stolen from the air like a thought

yet unspoken

lies a wet broken piece

of a heart

I once lost

Winking through ages in time

and space

it passes these eons


on the ground


For love to mend

all that it should have been


in a tight





Shattered and cast

Far away in the night

Lies a dark velvet piece

of me

morbid and lost

I reach out to catch

This part of myself

but find that it turns

to dust

on my shelf


who was I then

and who am I now?

Without this piece of me

I won’t know how

I could have been

Would have been

Should have been


I will know nothing

but what I am now


Cast to the wind

The dust of my past

In a hand weathered long

by the rain and the sun


Picked up on air

on currents so soft

it flutters away

and out over

the sea.


To know what you were

Is to know what you’ve been

but to know what you are

is to know what you’ll be

when you’re


©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)

To all

whose pasts

threaten to swallow them

as mine once tried

to swallow me.

Live for you, and live for love–

the rest comes naturally

as water

to the sea.



3 thoughts on “Poem: A Broken Shard of My Past

    • Thanks! I really enjoyed the flow of this poem. It came from a darker place, but it’s easy for me to find the beauty in it, which is another thing that I love. Had the same heart-touched feel as the one before it.

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