Poem: Grove

I knew a place

Across time

Across space

Where harmony lived and breathed and died


A place where thoughts joined with peace in mind

Where the nymphs and the satyrs

Searched for but could never find

A place where I stood on my own

A grove to myself

A grove all alone.

There I’d sit for hours on end

And wait for the time to slowly wend

Its way to the end of the day when night

Would fall and blanket the world in grey.


By moonlight under a cold black sky

Dotted with stars though I couldn’t say why

I’d take one form and my first would die

Shed like a skin all peeling and dry


The coil I left shuffled off on the ground

I’d take a form to be shown to no mortal’s round

No matter his prayers on a day’s cold eve

To see a beauty fine before his shift be relieve’d


No this form wouldn’t be to please any soldier

To make them feel as though they’d been with someone much older

Than I

This form wouldn’t be to hold in their hands

Groping and rough with desires and demands

but minds all helpless and child-like in so many ways

Lost and alone in the dark blank of my gaze


This form is me and me all alone

In a grove far away from the warmth of my home

Or the heat of the tent with the soldiers as they pitch’t

Or the satyrs and the nymphs as they all searched for’t

Or even my family, dreaming in their beds

As alone in my room I lose myself

in my head.


A new form comes like fire to my mind

Sweet and silky with a tail behind

Scales cover over a skin soft and white

With black and red and green alight

All over in patterns that shape to my desires

No others

no brothers

to watch me change

No soldiers or nymphs or family to see

The difference inside

or the turmoil in me

roiling and writhing and struggling

to be free.


and in a flash these eyes open

and open to see

the change inside has not broken free


i feel alive and

moreso than before

as though all alone

(behind a closed door)

The shift helped my heart

to heal.


I know a place

across time

across space

where my lonely heart

can finally




©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Just thinkin’ too much.




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