Poem: Exposed like Night

Soft and supple

Exposed like Night

Eyes all wary

Heart all bright

Standing in a line yet

All on her own.


A line points upward

From feet to the stars

Tell me what I’m not

And you won’t get far

Here I can stand

A line on my own

Here I can stand

Here, all alone.

I stand on my hands

Exposed like Night

Breath coming hot

And my eyes both bright


Swinging to my feet

As the day



I stand in a line

And my heart feels light.


The dark sinks hard

Like a fist to the gut

Her movements so supple

And her arms well cut

Like a diamond in flesh

Or a thought in the air

She swings to her feet

And just stands there

As if she were a line

Yet all on her own

Toes pointed down and her eyes set low

As all of them watch

Come for miles to see

Exposed like Night

The girl

Is me.


I breathe in sharp

Take a step, and a hop

Land on my hands with my toes held up

Point to the sky and lift one arm

To the stars straight above and the moon’s cold charm

And the pounding in my head

So heavy and warm

Sets a buzz in my ears as I keep

To my form

Dizzy as I am I know the way I’ll stay-

Exposed like Night

Exposed to the Night

And hidden

From the Day.


©2014 Sam Oliver (Eris)



Hey again, guys. Long time no see. Believe it or not, I managed to get two poems done in one day and just decided to delay the posting of this one by a day. I feel like it’s more uplifting than before, so I think this whole ‘I’m going to heal myself by writing lots of poems’ is working. Cool! I may or may not do a buffer thing and get them set to post regularly (mebbe three poems a week? Is that even reasonable? I really haven’t the faintest). You know how I am.

Love atcha (all of ya),


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