Poem: Fingers

Close and curl them

Throw away

The bitter things you want to say

Clench them hard

Nails bite deep

Feelings flow where you can’t keep


Watch them fly

Feel them burn

Drop to the floor

like flames.

Higher they leap

Around your feet




Wrapped around your waist is

a tale you’ve faced not

once but twice




Close them tight and scream

All the words you left unstung

Scream them out and scream them loud

to render she you once loved proud

as if with fingers clenching close

you could hold the past.

but no

Slips through the cracks between each digit

Dancing down and swirling with it

are all the thoughts you dreamt you’d say

and now too late

you wish them away.

like bitter ash and coffee

you never had

with her

with him.



Clench them round the handle

Of a smooth divider

with it

divide yourself in two

narrowly down the chest

one heart for me and one heart for you

and smiling

pull us apart

as we were meant to

from the start

as if we were never meant to

be together

at all.




in my hair

palms against my eyes

tears that flow hotter now

than a bleeding

broken sunrise

sick inside and the wound still raw

a year and more still later

dreams of dark and gloom and yet

i know it will get better




flat against a wall

i find the strength to stand

a heart yet cut in two

between us

yet with you here

i’ve never felt better.



©2014 Sam Oliver [Eris]




Chippin’ away at stories, occasionally I open a wound.

I’ll be okay.

Love you guys, gals and others,


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