Poem: Draped

Draped was how I found her

One arm flung outright

To the sky the other perched upon

The velvet cushions to her right

Her mouth was open in a silent scream

but all that came out was a snore

her expression for all that she had been through

was as though the world

was a bore.

I took a lock of her hair

Ran my fingers through it

Softer than silk and finer than satin

But sharp like she is

when she’s awake

sharp as the tongue

she keeps

lashing me this way

that way again

for all the mistakes

i meet.


I smiled down at her

my nymph

a piece of me I knew

Slipped inside and opened our eyes

To gaze out at the snow

Draped is how I found myself

When finally I awoke

The white had crept

across my sill

and slept

upon my skin

lying there without a care

where it found me from the open



©2014 Sam Oliver (Eris)

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