Poem: Ripple

Like a pebble

in a pond

A hand

in the sea

A tree

in a lake

A cloud


We ripple


The same

and yet different

A pebble

in the pond

A tree

in the lake

My heart

in your hands

We ripple

as one

A pond

with pebbled sand


At the bottom

of this lake

We fall

both together

And drown

in the sky

where always

it is dry.


We pebbles

in the pond

We sink

like stones

We drift

to the bottom

like leaves

in the wind

The ripples

of our wake

make minnows

gather ’round


as we do

to watch

our descent.


Like leaves

in the water

like boats

on the breeze

We drift

both together

and ripple

as one.


Like dancers

at a play

Our hearts

beat fast

The music

goes on

and the ripples

in the pond

are many

then few

then one

and now?



there are none.



in the pond


in the lake…

I pray that this quake

is naught

but a quake

Alone I dance

One foot ’round the other

While the surface of the pond


with ripples

from underwater.

©2014 Sam Oliver (Eris)

So I’ve been thinking of getting some self-publishing done soon. Just giving everyone who follows or watches the heads up and whatnot. Planning on still releasing freebies here, but planning on self-publishing some short stories and things on Amazon or some other self-publishing site. Very rough right now. I’ll try to keep everyone up to date, all twelve of you (fairly sure it’s more than that!).

I figure that I can either wait five or six years and maybe eventually get a deal with a publisher and MAYBE sell a book or two or I can take advantage of my free rent and start my career as a published e-book author right away. Guess which sounds more appealing?? (hint, it is not the one in which I am waiting for years.)

Anyway, here’s a poem to prove I love you all.




2 thoughts on “Poem: Ripple

  1. Definitely got the feel of dancing or some kind of movement. The sheer concept of “ripple” gives me the idea of effect. In this poem and in life, you have definitely impacted me. I miss you soooo much. ❤ Wren

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