Poem: Star Rain

Standing in the starlit rain

watching heat wash off my skin

stardust dancing here and then

listening to the world spin


Twirling through a night’s cold arms

plated gold and glimmering white

with light from all the stars afire

shielded from the world’s spite

Listening to the starlit rain

tapping at my window pane

hearing footsteps drawing near

and opening my eyes.


Legs up close under my chin

fingers curled and layers thin

I let the stars wash off my skin

and breathing,

I begin again

and hoping

I am whole again

I find the strength to live





©2016 Sam Oliver (Eris)



It’s been so long I think I forgot how to write. Well no, I haven’t, obviously. But I’ve been lazy lately, and that has been weighing down on me. I realize I don’t have much connection to home besides my writing and the occasional call, and I don’t have much connection to my old friends from the community college except for my writing… and my writing has been utterly dormant, so I’ve had no connection at all for over a year.

But I think now I have the strength to start writing again.

And I think now I have the strength not to stop. But here’s to a new year, and here’s to new life and new hope, and here’s to all of the people who have helped me get as far as I have and live as long as I have. Love out to absolutely everyone.

Cheers and <3s,


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