Poem: Beheld and Behidden

Jewel of the northern sky

beheld and behidden from eyes

lest the flames consume it, dry

and strike it down from the heavens.


Stars that dance, sing and cry

midst broken hopes, flying high

above the world where all men die

they blink, beheld, for all of us

But that sun seems so far

northward, higher, ever apart

from all of us beneath its gaze

sad and sorry and hidden


The star that lurks in northern blue

the gem that sits just out of view

gleaming to all of us lost souls

whose way we’ve never truly known:

It sits and gleams and beckons us on

lighting up past empires gone

it gives us purpose and forges the shape

of trails we have yet to make


Other stars mock and dance and cry

glimmering, gleaming in our sky

but never giving us reasons why

we must keep on striving


thank the jewel of northern sky

the gem that sits just out of reach

the stone that blinks and sheds no heat

thank the star that makes us strive

that forces us to think

for without questions what answers are there

to drag us from the brink?





©2016 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Just gonna let this one simmer without overmuch commentary.

Been taking a lot of inspiration from the sky, lately. It’s nice and clear here some nights– you can look up and see the stars, if you don’t mind the cold. They’re really pretty.



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