Poem: Encore

Light that shimmers

heart that sings

together they twine

together they bring

a new hope between them

that cannot be broken.

Encore, encore;

the crowd has spoken.

Again they demand,

in a similar tone

to white hot sand and

long bleached bone

but my light

and my heart

as one they shine

and play for no one

but myself.


I dance,


twist and turn

pulling through heat and cold

my feet touch sand and weave a path

that i must walk alone.


Rippling heat

like snakes in the air

coiling around me and

barely there

the crowd watches as flames from sand rise

devouring me up with all of their eyes

watching my heart and the light trapped within

clouded over by smoke and the fire

clear on the hunger in dozens of faces

that it’s me and my fall they desire.


The steps fall faster

a dance or a run?

they’d rather the latter

a chase is more fun

Encore, breathes the wind.

Encore, hisses the sun.

Encore, the moon, and I am not yet undone.


To the jeers and the howls,

the pack that now surrounds

the passage of my toes leaves ditches in the ground

Fire in my feet and lightning in my eyes,

the sand to glass and the clouds in clear skies

rain from my brow, earth in my bones

and i know that these gifts

are all not my own

borrowed from sun, from moon and the wind

in the hope that one day I’ll dance again

I shed them like shoes

like shades

like a set of new clothes

and when I step next

that step is my own.


The heavens don’t tremble.

The ground don’t shake.

My bones aren’t stone and my enemies don’t quake.

The jackals don’t flee and the wolves don’t care.

But I do.

When I’m done, it’s me standing there.

When I’m finished, I’ve done it on my own

made my peace and made it all alone

so when the jackals, wolves and hungry crowd comes

for me in the desert with the flames and the drums

from the rain coming down around and washing sand away

there is nothing they can do to me

and nothing they can say

that i don’t let them



Light that dances,

heart that sings

no one,

but no one

pulls my strings.





©2016 Sam Oliver (Eris)




Man! I took ill. I’ve been meaning to get these out weekly! Shame on me for getting sick! Well. Expect at least one of these a week until I either get into the habit of posting more or drop dead.

Feel free to comment on any of my work if you’re just now starting to read it. It’s encouraging to get feedback. Don’t feel obligated, though! I know how busy life can be, and this is meant to be someplace you can relax and read.




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