Poem: Sunshine

A ray of hope

a ray of sunshine

pierces through the clouds

strikes the ground beneath our feet

brightens up the crowd.

A century


maybe more

the sky has been blocked out

and now the sun shines again

and it’s sorrow filtered down

to manageable bits and pieces

boiled and simmered away.



there a moment, no more

the sun’s rays touch my skin

it’s as if the clouds parted for me

and only me and my sins

absolving both and leaving me bare

naked in the crowd

and leaving a warmth that i can feel

lingering over me like a shroud

the death knell of the warming rays

the last of it to leave

as clouds seal up again

the sky is whole again

the sun is gone again

and missing it, we all grieve.


They all close in

press in around me

hoping for a trace of that warmth

how quickly our thoughts

our identities

our minds all merge

and bask

and as quickly

flow apart


all that’s left is a memory

of the sun and what soon followed

on a cold day we all stood together

struggling to stay in the sun’s lost shadow

and in the moment we gathered round


closer packed than cloud

we were warm.

©2016 Sam Oliver (Eris)



Okay. Well I’m not dead. I’m sure it felt like it for a while. A number of things happened at once, as they usually do. Longish story made shortish? I’m not sick anymore, and I’m not taking a break from running D&D games anymore, and I’m gonna see about staying busy, now that I’ve got hours of every day free. Whether that means more blog stuff or more writing I can pretend I’ll eventually sell? That’s up in the air! But it does mean I’ll be trying harder. I think that’s the important thing.

This was a warm-up poem (pun intended??). If I write any more today I’ll probably stagger their release on the blog so I don’t confuse my followers.



3 thoughts on “Poem: Sunshine

  1. I miss you. I think about you all the time and how you used to brighten my day. The thought of you allows me to gather my own inner strength so that I may be true to myself. Vanessa miss you as well.

    My brother’s birthday would’ve been on this day. Because of that, this was a perfect poem for me to read. He was always a ray of sunshine to those around him. Now that he is gone, there is a part of me missing as well. Whenever I was going to throw out one of my cheesy poems, he would take it to give to a girl.

    Your writing has improved. Not that you didn’t write well to begin with, but I think it’s always nice to know when we’ve grown as writers.

    I hope we can catch up one of these days.


    • Hey Wren!

      Miss all of you too! Been so long.

      Right now I’ve just been trying to get into a sleep schedule that makes sense. The earlier I get up the more energy I have for the day. I’ve just been trying to pull together, mostly. hasn’t been easy. The important things rarely are.

      It’s really good to hear from you. I half-hoped you might come and visit my blog since I’m awful at e-mail. Was really nice to see your comment and to know you’re doing okay. Give Vanessa my love. Take some for yourself!

      I’m really glad my poem helped…! I hope your days are bright. Just thinking of you and the writing lab crew brightens up my day a little. I think we could all use a little sunshine, even if the memory of it stings when it’s gone.


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