Poem: Broken Shards

The mirror shatters

breaks and falls

its pieces too many to count


I stand amidst the pouring rain

lost in glittering doubt

so long this mirror

me and not

has been a fragile mask


something to reflect the ones

i love

whenever i had a task

something to give me speed

and strength

and heart

the things i needed

mirrored from the people i care for

but barren in me, depleted


now the mask is gone

in pieces

shards that reflect light back

and i stand there, bloodied fist still raised

red seeping through the cracks

between my fingers.


I don’t need to reflect their hope

their trust in me

their love

i don’t need to reflect it because

it’s mine

it grows

the life i’m now a part of.


The salted earth that was my heart

the barren, broken trees

stand alive and blooming fast

from the seeds of joy in me

seeds they planted, one by one

friendships i helped make

i don’t need a mirrored mask

i’m strong enough not to break.


I bandage my hand and pick up the pieces

wrap them all up in paper

the scars from this break will always be with me

but it’s something i’ll bear together

with my friends.



©2016 Sam Oliver (Eris)



Writing again. Feelings get heavy, poems do too. Rainy day today. Not actually raining, but it seems like it ought to be! Enjoy.




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