Poem: Wellspring

Energy within,

I call you forth

bursting within and without

bubbling up beneath old stones and

moving mountains for me

as you did once

long ago.


Before the heart made to beat with you

beat to its own rhythm

before the wellspring, your source

dried up

before all of this and more

came to pass

you were there for me

in ways I couldn’t fathom


or copy, now, alone.


I drew from you once

both for myself and others

I took the energy you gave

thinking it free.


Now you are dry

drained and lifeless

but tearfully


I draw you up



Return this energy!

Take back what you gave me,

and spring up once more!

I’ll draw you up again

with my own hands

my own work

I’ll bring you back home

to my heart.


Move this mountain,

wet this desert

overflow onto plains long parched

wellspring within

energy deep inside me

one last time I call to you

begging you

not to leave.


One last time,

I bare my heart to you

hold your hand for you

to guide you back home to me.


┬ęSam Oliver 2017 (Eris)



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