Poem: Soft Rain / Sky Tarp

Soft rain

softer rays

from the sun behind the clouds

teasing holes in the tarp of the sky

and glittering through

those windows.

I catch a ray

in the palm of my hand

pretending it’s something more:


a beam of light

glistening there like

a message from on high;


a lance most holy

made for me

and sent from the gods

in the sky;


a column arcane

by a wizard’s whim

perhaps it will let me fly?


And if I could fly…


…through soft rain

softer rays

tearing holes in the tarp of the sky

above most clouds

but the highest above

the mess

I caught a ray and drifted up

days like these

are the best.


©2018 Sam Oliver (Eris)



Getting back into the flow of things. Writing poetry or working on stories in my off time… at least when I’m not asleep. The job is fun and tiring, and I’ve had fun and been tired. Still, one more day to the week after today. Then I’ll have a few days to write and GM my game (more on that later) before it’s back to work.


Hearts and hugs,


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