I’m a writer. I write things. Poetry, fantasy, sci-fi, modern fiction, essays (I am always going to be a student at heart) and such. I love it. I love words as much as I love sharing them.

I won’t say I’ve never held my work in high esteem, but mostly I don’t care how many people see it so long as it is capable of being seen. So I’ll write stories- free ones- that I’ll set here for people to read. I won’t lie and say it’s easy- I’m always afraid of being shunned.

But if I can make just one person smile, or shed one tear, or feel the burn of anger my character feels, I’ll be happy and my job’ll be done. I’m a self-published author. I can have no greater joy than for someone to read my work and feel for the characters in it.

If my words bring emotion to anyone, I can live my life pleased. Thank you for your time. We should always strive to make the most of it, and it warms me greatly to think you might spend your time reading my work.

I hope you find something you can appreciate here.


10 thoughts on “About

    • Oh goodness gracious! Thank you kindly! I’ll have to post about it now, naturally, and link back and such. I’ll get right on that, though it’s starting to get later in the day here. (that is to say, it is quite, quite late.) But rules are rules!

      I’m not sure how much I believe in awards, but I believe in people and promises. Thank you so much.


  1. Hey love,
    Check your email, please. I know you come on wordpress just slightly more often than yo do the email.
    Love always,

    • I’m sure it will be a fabtastic day. :3
      All IS well, really, I’ve done some work on a main Sci Fi story. I’m thinking maybe I need to write more of Three Hearts today and finally get that out. But in the end I’ll probably do whatever I want. There’s no particular rush, really. ‘Whatever I want’ will end up being work on more short stories or poems, I imagine, and reading others’ work.

      Thank you for stopping by! It’s always inspiring to know I’m missed!


    • Three parts beautiful, three parts depressing and one part hilarious. I’m truly thankful we have so many outlets now, though. I don’t know how I’d get by without being able to share my feelings and writing like this. I probably would- I just imagine it’d be super difficult.

      • I agree completely. To be able to purge these thoughts and dialogue about it. In this way, we writers are blessed

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