It’s an award! (Very Inspiring Blogger Award)

In lieu of a picture to paste denoting the importance of this lovely award, I will instead give you a piece of advice that I’ve found inspiring for a long time. Not as pretty as pictures? Of course it isn’t! But that’s okay. ❤

Whenever I feel like I’m falling to the bottom, whenever I start beating myself up to the point where I feel like I simply can’t get up again, there are two very important things I can realize that have helped me in the past:

One- people I know think the world of me. They love me and will comfort me when I’m feeling down. Relatives and friends and all sorts of inspiring, beautiful people. Wonderful, different people. Beating myself up is not simply a betrayal of self, but a betrayal of them. Using this, I can pull myself up again.

Two- the world is vast. Things aren’t fun right now, maybe. But they will be. The world is enormous, the universe is unfathomably large. I want to explore that, I can pull myself ahead by sheer knowledgethirst! I love learning new things, and when I’m in a slump it hinders that! I should never let myself fall that low when I know there’s so much more to learn and discover! The wonderful vastness of the universe is inspiring!

Just a little insight into what keeps me inspired. ❤


Apparently this is a thing that happens. I’ve been nominated by Sirenia of My Own Avalon. Her poetry and the pictures that go with it are inspiring and hauntingly beautiful themselves, so is it really any surprise she was nominated? I think not! Check her out! Poetry is awesome, and some of the pictures are so wonderful they give me goosebumps. ❤

Anyway, the rules say that I have to give you all (as a collective) seven random facts about myself and nominate seven other bloggers for the award. It’s sort of like a chain letter, only actually fun. Of course, I don’t think I even really know- not well, anyway- seven other bloggers to nominate, but I’ll do my best for sure. It’s part of the cycle of giving!

So here are some facts you may or may not already know.

One: I am not only a fan of writing, prose or poetry, but I also adore music both classical and rockin’.

Two: I appreciate people best in oneses and twoses, big parties make me very uncomfortable.

Three: I always sleep with the light on! I’m deathly afraid of the dark and have been since I was very young.

Four: I don’t write everything all at once. It comes in short little spurts of inspiration and in general short stories can take anywhere from a week to several months.

Five: My favored color is green of any shade.

Six: I like to read books from the middle to the end and then go back and read the beginning.

Seven: I’ve struggled a lot of my life with low self-esteem, and it’s only been lately that I’ve been able to pull myself up out of it with any kind of consistency.

Well that’s all you get for now! I suppose it’s time to nominate some inspiring bloggers of my own, isn’t it? Well I’m a little new to the bloggosphere, but let’s see what I can do as far as that goes:

I nominate, by the power vested in me through this award-

bipolarmuse – of the blog of the same name! Oh, how I enjoy her poetry. I am inspired by the quotes she pulls up and I admire her courage in her battle against a disorder storm. ❤ Very inspiring indeed, give her a look! Read her poetry and about her life! It’s fascinating~

transparentguy- of The Adventures of Transman! Wit and inspiring stories, insight into the mind of one who battles prejudice and stupidity– though I’m told it isn’t quite so serious as that. Transman is awesome, let it be known I said that and I meant and mean it. Give Transman’s work a likewise awesome look if you like learning new things about gender- or just reading Transman’s stories about life and other things. He says he isn’t serious, but I can take Transman seriously. I can and do.

bribees- of Big Red Comfy Couch! Poetry that I love, she’s a dear friend to me. Very prolific, and she would just love for people to take a look at her work. I’m inspired by her every day we have classes together, and I love her general life philosophy as well. Give her a look if you like poetry and stories. She can tell a good yarn I enjoy her poetry very much. ❤

Finally, and really, how could I leave her out:

Priyanka- of pinkatenchanted. Oh, she is overflowing with exuberance. How I love reading her poems- about everything, really! I always read her prose and poems with a smile, and I love following her life through her blog- she may not post super often, but I do enjoy the time I spend reading what she does. Oh, give her a look! You won’t regret it.



Well, that’s it, I suppose. Whew! Awards are hard work! I may not believe in awards all that much, but I do believe in people! So I hope the people I’ve nominated realize just how much they mean to me, whether they choose to accept it or not. ❤

I guess I have to go and tell them that I nominated them, too!

Not at all subtle but <3s anyway,