Poem: Wellspring

Energy within,

I call you forth

bursting within and without

bubbling up beneath old stones and

moving mountains for me

as you did once

long ago.

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Poem: Broken Shards

The mirror shatters

breaks and falls

its pieces too many to count


I stand amidst the pouring rain

lost in glittering doubt

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Poem: Sunshine

A ray of hope

a ray of sunshine

pierces through the clouds

strikes the ground beneath our feet

brightens up the crowd.

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Poem: Beheld and Behidden

Jewel of the northern sky

beheld and behidden from eyes

lest the flames consume it, dry

and strike it down from the heavens.


Stars that dance, sing and cry

midst broken hopes, flying high

above the world where all men die

they blink, beheld, for all of us

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Poem: Star Rain

Standing in the starlit rain

watching heat wash off my skin

stardust dancing here and then

listening to the world spin


Twirling through a night’s cold arms

plated gold and glimmering white

with light from all the stars afire

shielded from the world’s spite

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