Long Stories

These are the stories that are way too long to be feasibly considered ‘short’. Currently that only consists of ONE of my works, but I’m sure I’ll add in more later. As always, all works posted here are mine unless explicitly stated to be otherwise, and if I ever do post other works they are most definitely posted with full credit.


Lion’s Heart: Definitely not a vampire romance story. I don’t even write those. Who writes those? I don’t. Nope. Includes small elements of shapeshifting, sensuality, romance and the nature of our selves as well as elements of darker fantasy, good versus evil and that lovely shade just between them. Enjoy– it’s a monster so large that it made me rethink my format.

Rose Knight: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. I had to split this one up because it was so long. Easily the longest story I’ve written. Covers Wander Rose’s journey to the City of Triumph and the trials she must overcome there.  Elements of struggle, perseverance, triumph and relief. Contains: Faeries, magic, fantastic monsters, ancient artifacts and the power of faith– both in yourself and your own code, and in the love that you hold and share with others. — Note: Don’t worry if the other parts aren’t up yet– they will be posted one a day until they all are. Part one will be up as of the time of this writing, part two and three the following days after at twelve o’ clock in the afternoon EST.

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