Short Stories

First, I’d like to thank you all for clicking this link and reading, because reading is awesome and needs to be propagated by healthy minds, both young and old.

Second, I suppose I should define my short stories. They’re shorter, in general, than my other work(s) like Demimind, but considerably longer than my poems. I’m sorry I don’t have them on several pages so as to make for easier reading. I only hope it doesn’t prevent you from reading them! I’m just so used to reading things all at once I guess I never really thought about that. Perhaps in the future I’ll divide them up into parts. or make a bookmark system. Or publish them normally. Hey, THERE’S an idea!

Third: They’re my babies. I loved writing them and enjoy what I do. I’m not currently raking in any cash for them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t put my heart and soul into writing. I’ll take criticism as well as anyone and I promise I’ll count to ten and turn in a little circle before I answer, so please- please give me feedback! That’s what the comment buttons are FOR!


Knight in Stone – Short fantasy story, < 6000 words. Enjoy. Self explanatory- about a stone knight and vengeance.

Unyielding Blue – Short fantasy story, < 7000 words. Enjoy. Elements of different things influenced this one, among them thoughts on the afterlife and planar travel.

Grim – Short romanceish* fantasy story, <6000 words. Enjoy. Elements of fantasy transgender issues- being in the ‘wrong’ body or having the ‘wrong’ mind. Elements of a mythology that shall remain nameless. Was the Shortest story I’d ever written.**

Black Feathers, White Heart – Short fantasy story, <7000 words. Enjoy.  Similar theme to Knight in Stone, possibly similar or same universe. Karen faces capture and defeat in a day where nothing seems to be going right.

And So Space Burns – My first short sci-fi story. <8000 words. Unlike anything I’ve ever written before- well, the setting, anyway. Captain Shard is in some serious trouble on a station running down.

Silver and Steel – Another fantasy story. Over 8000 words. and therefore the longest one I’ve ever written. Tamara of the Inn is about to go for a wild ride. Explores friendship, loss, discovery and bravery in a purely fantastic environment. Enjoy!

Darkest Radiance – Fantasy. Running past 9000 words, this is the biggest one yet. Written in one day. About a half-seraph named Iren with a slight case of precognition, and serious relationship problems. Possibly some romance is involved. You have been warned.

Hive Heart – Sci-Fi. Running past 9000 words. Again. Written in two or three days, give or take one.  About a thoracian named Mak’ar proving herself in all eyes that care to watch. I think the funniest thing about the circumstances leading up to this story is that I was originally planning three different ones. Go figure.

Red Ribbons – Fantasy. Running up to like, nearly 9000 words. It’s long, but it was fun to write. Note that there are elements of tragedy, some terror, and suspense in this story. Darker than my usual fare. Also brutal combat. Enjoy.
#1 in the 100 short stories in a year challenge.

Pipes – Fantasy again††. Close to 9000 words (though the post itself pushes it over, the story is only 8953 or so). Note that there are elements of suspensebrutal violence and terror, but little tragedy. About a faun’s attempts to escape from a band of human conservationists.

Runtime – Sci fi / fantasy, but not in the way you’d expect. Runs over 9000, pack a lunch. Took a little longer than expected, but much better than one a month. Video games, adventure, the dark, loss. This story contains all of that. Some suspense, perhaps. Depends on who you are.

Djinn Dreams – Fantasy story in (free verse, natch) poem-like format. MUCH shorter in words than you’d expect of one of my stories, but still long enough to qualify as a short story. Enjoy.

Core – Sci Fi story. One of the few I’d say qualifies as short. Less than five thousand words, more than four thousand. It was a lot of fun to write from this particular perspective. About a Coran machine named Margaret and a sudden showdown. Enjoy.

Shadow– Modernish-Fantasy story. One of the few I’d say really qualifies as short. Less than five thousand words, more than four thousand (but not by much). Written over a longer period than I expected it to take, but what’reyagonnado. ❤ Enjoy, anyway. About Rose and shadows. Also some romance. WHY DO ALL MY STORIES HAVE ROMANCE???

Beast of the Farlands- It’s MY break, I’ll do what I want! No, but serious, this is a long epic/poem story that probably has the most HEIGHT of any poem or story I’ve ever written– it’s only about 6000 words long, but since the format is poem-like, it seems to go on forever! Enjoy anyway, the format was fun. #7 in the short story challenge (at least, short story published-on-blog challenge of 50, the overall challenge of a hundred is a bit different). I really gotta step up the pace!

* This is not a romance story.† Just ’cause something has love in it doesn’t make it friggin’ romance, people. I know what I said. I reserve the right to say that I was out of my mind at the time. Romanceish fantasy is a real genre and you can do whatever you want with it. I said so.

**Note the tense here. Yeah, I wrote something shorter. I might even post it.

†In retrospect, yes, yes it is.

††When DON’T I write fantasy??

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