My stuff unless otherwise noted. Not in any particular order, either. I welcome critique, comment and otherwise, so if you’ve got somethin’ to say, feel free!


Never For You: Simple freeverse poem- but it has an interesting rhythm to it. I dunno how to really describe this. A lot of my poetry has a dark theme to it.

Soul – Star – Hope: This freeverse has an interesting pattern to it. The meter changes and evolves over time and it represents three ideas rather than a single strong emotion.

War’s Lament: Affectionately referred to- at least by me- as my ‘crappy ass couplet experiment’. I’m told it isn’t that bad. Anyway, couplets with a twist. Dark, again. I suppose that’s a pattern by now, isn’t it?

Shifter Song: This one hurt a lot to write but as soon as I was done I felt better. Enjoy. It’s somewhat freeverse I guess, but feels more like a ballad or an epic.

Death’s Embrace: Look guys! Structure! Yeah, this one was rigorously structured. Shakespearian sonnet! Very specific, iambic pentameter, ababcdcdefefgg rhyming scheme- three quatrains and a couplet. A grand total of 14 lines. Originally written for my creative writing course.

Heart – Memory: More structure! This time I put more effort into the rhyme scheme than usual. Quatrains- though without true metered meter. ababcdcdefefghgh etc. Written after classes on monday. It was a lot of fun, and was truly written from the heart, which amazed me.

On My Own: Fantasy poem like Spade For Me. Touches on and then fondles the topic of war like a randy badger. Not structured like anything but a story. I suppose that makes it a little better. Otherwise consider it freeverse and enjoy as usual.

The Spade For Me: Fantasy poem. Touches on themes of repeated abuse, multiple lives, and the eventual breaking down of spirit. Repeated lines but a generally freeverse structure. Golly, a lot of my poems are depressing. But it feels so GOOD to get this stuff out.

Sibling – Soulmate: A dual-form freeverse poem about love between souls.

A Sin in the Dark: A poem following my own pattern (as far as I know!)- 1-2-4-8 lines and three sets. Otherwise sort of a free as-I-like rhyming style. Enjoy! Don’t dwell too much on the title.

Snow: Thought poem. Freeverse. Doesn’t follow any particular rules and is LONG. Why did I write it so long? Enjoy.

White: Dark poem. Doesn’t follow any particular rules, but is pretty in a morbid, sad sort of way. Not really happy or sad, at least for me, but I’m sure there are many interpretations. [actually looking back at this, this is the saddest thing.]

Promises, Promises: Following in the theme of love, this poem wanders a little, but maintains a theme. I suppose it’s an oath, but if it is, it’s one of liberation rather than restriction. Enjoy, as usual.

Cold Memory: A poem about sadness and disarray, betrayal and suspense, terror and memory, the past and the present.

Reflection of the Broken Heart: A poem/song that isn’t actually about love of others, but more about love of [SPOILER]. Enjoy.

Weaver of Wind (1): Click on the numbers to see the individual parts. If there isn’t more than one part, it’s ’cause I haven’t written the others yet. About freedom in the open air.

Bitter Winter: Poem about a trapped season’s pleas and revenge. Enjoy if you can.

The Torrid Darkness: Is it steamy in here or is that just my poetry??? Probably the most risque of any of my work ever. It’s also sad. All of my work is sad. :C

Collaboration: The Little Man Inside of Me & He Won’t Hurt You Now: A double poem in two parts, one by Bribee and one by me. We decided to put them up together- you can find it on her site too, and there’s a link to her site in the post!

Elf Lord: A poem about the lord of the elves. Not much else to say. Something I whipped up really quick while thinking of Silver and Steel, my short story.

So It Is – To Call It Love – Don’t Bury Me: A hybrid poem with a cumbersome title. Surprisingly short for all that it’s three poems in one. Written early in the morning while depressed. You have been warned. That said, enjoy!

Skychild: A poem about flight and freedom and parenting. Considerably lighter hearted than most of my work. Enjoy!

Elsewhere – They call you Alice: A poem that feels more like a tale. Try to guess where it’s going and you’ll spin in a little circle. Enjoy!

She Spoke To Me: A poem about the afterlife and reincarnation. I’ve taken to writing these in epic or balladic style, telling stories rather than releasing feelings. It’s pretty fun. Enjoy!

Let Go Of It All – Reflective: Dual poem involving letting go and reflective things that aren’t mirrors. I’m tired, don’t expect philosophy all the time! Enjoy!

Black Despair – Rise, Phoenix: Dual poem expressing how even in our darkest moments, we must find the strength to rise.

Art is Like a Lightningbolt and Thunderclap, Too: I’m not even sure what to make of this one, but it came out so easily I’m sure it has some significance to me. Quite short, for one of my poems.

Reality is as Hard as Stone: Not just ANY stone either, as we soon see. Short? Sweet? Enjoy. ❤

Perfection: EVERYONE WRITES THIS POEM ONCE. There, I lampshaded it. :3

did you think you could escape: exactly what it says on the tin. well, did you???

Magic: I love this poem.

Bitterest Blade: Not really in a depressed mood when I wrote it, but I certainly am lonely, all the same!

Thought: It has nothing to do with sunscreen.

The Heart Untold: It really was one of those days.

And the wind said to me: I’m sorry. This one was downright painful to write. About two choices.

A Broken Shard of My Past: A message of hope contained in the dust of personal history. I love the flow of this poem.

These Long Winter Halls: Where the skeleton sits, alone and in thrall.

Bones: In a cellar, dripping with mold. Wait, how can something even BE dripping with mold??

With Unmatched Fury / Mere Wife’s Curse: Retelling of somewhere around the end of Grendel’s mother in Beowulf’s mighty epic. Twisted and dark with an inconsistent rhyme scheme.

The Burning Sky: Good stuff. Everyone has their rebellious days. But progress is always good, right?

Grove: Shapeshifting alone.

A Girl Sat Alone Today: Another dark turn. A lot of my poetry is dark when I’m feeling down, but this definitely helps me purge it.

Exposed like Night: This is not a dirty poem. Writing it made me feel good. I like the flow of it and the way it feels on my tongue. That was not innuendo.

Flowing Flame: Okay, so this poem isn’t dirty either, but there is a nudes. That’s probably okay, right? We’re all naked under our clothes!

Fingers: Raw emotion and numbness given an outlet. The ending isn’t as depressing as I could have made it.

Breathe: So yeah. A poem about overcoming addictions and the internal battle.

Draped: A poem springing from the idea of two minds and one body, which I suppose is a common motif in my work.

Ripple: A poem that isn’t really about a pond.

Star Rain: A poem that isn’t really about rain under the stars, but the author would like to note that s/he might write a poem in the future that is about rain at night under stars and honestly hopes he/r audience isn’t confused later.

Beheld and Behidden: Man, I sure do a lot of that metaphor thing. A poem about striving. Behidden is not a real word. Don’t use it and say that you saw it on the internet somewhere.

Encore: I’ll let you know once I figure out where this poem came from. I certainly liked writing it. A little raw, but not so much as some of my earlier works.

Sunshine: What? No! I don’t miss Florida at all, what are you talking about???

Broken Shards: Man, I just love mirrors and metaphors, don’t I. Also to hear myself talk, but if you’ve read through my poetry you probably already knew that! This one is a bit raw.

Wellspring: Coping-with-depression poem. Had a recent run of poor productivity. This ended up being the result. One last time. (just kidding, I’m never going to stop) [I feel the need to qualify that with the following: I’m never going to stop writing and trying.]

Dream Ash: See the news post just before it– this is a poem I wrote just after finding a job in Michigan. I felt inspired and I think it shows.

Soft Rain / Sky Tarp: A poem I decided to write as a tribute to just the right type of rainy day. Still cruisin’ on good feelings.

This is a new beginning: Hi! I’m back! Was I ever really gone? No. No I wasn’t. I’m feeling really good and this poem reflects that. I’m a sucker for new beginnings, but that’s the only kind of sucker I am.

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