Poem: These Long Winter Halls

The long winter halls

These long winter halls

Have faded in time

Have faded in rhyme

and reason untold

unbound by the shape

of the skeleton who sits

at the throne

by the foot

of the tall statue’s gold.


And the tall statue bold,

who stands above all

and stares sternly down at the skeleton thrall

once a king but not now

not a king anymore

his key unlocks nothing

but a small silver door

at the foot of the throne

between cold gold knees

as the skeleton’s jaws now


in the breeze

that rolls through the halls

these cold mountain halls

these cold winter halls

these long winter halls

where the skeleton sits

on his throne, and in thrall

a king of nothing, no

of nothing

at all

but a pause and a shift and a creak in his jaw

from the wind

that blows

through this long





©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Here you go guys. Got another poem. Working on like five stories. Prolly’ll post one or two of them. When, you ask?? When they’re done!




Poem: Snow


A freeverse thought-poem by Sam Oliver [Eris]


Feather soft and light

With crystal cold in bounds

Like gentlest winter’s heartfelt touch

In frost-stars as it touches my skin


Can you feel it as it falls?

Can you feel it in the halls

Of ice and warmth

Like love but numb

A heat inside

The thumb

of the world’s first



Crystals falling down through air

That shimmers here

And shimmers there

Sweetest song played now for true

And all for you


All for you


Hear it bounce from flake

To flake

Leaving joy all in

Its wake

Like tiny golden suns in white

Flying down

They shine so bright


Can you hear it as it sings?

Can you see it on the wing?

Maybe not but still it’s true

As snow falls down and just for you

Now frost’s touch like feather’s sting

As of the cold in rapture bring

To me the light of winter’s first

snow, white


To me the light

of the snow


Laugh, no, play!

It’s cold today

Bitterly dry as well

Truly a place with frozen lakes-

Finer never seen in hell

Which must have froze over

If here there is snow

It must have froze over indeed

I cannot think how now it sits


And grows

and shares its need


for me


Nothing now, but dust and dirt

Nothing for now and ever

I’ve worn not a thing, out here without shirt

Waiting as long as I remember


Still I am here, I

Lie here

stay here

Like a lost-


-a white little




In frost and fel

In snowless hell

I wait for its touch

To land


On a face upturned

Like a love unspurned

Waiting for flakes to fall down

Their crystalline forms

So blind to norms

That often pierce

The ground


I miss its touch

The heat is too much


Waiting here now

to die.


call me a fool

but with eyes like pools


I’ll stay here

And gladly drown


In snow.

In the pure, the white, the golden crystal snow

In the cold and the heart of it all

I sit here and sigh

And wait to die-

For the winter’s first frost

To show

For the winter’s last frost

To snow.



©2012 Sam Oliver [Eris]


I miss it.


PS: Sorry for the wait! I know, I know. I owe you guys all three days’ worth. This is just one. Poor form, Eris, poor form indeed. On the other hand, I think I have a new story.

Rather, a new serial idea. It’s been stewing in my head a while. I’ll see how this one pans out and keep you guys, gals and others all totes posted. ❤

Also, I’m fine. Honest. This probably seems a little dark. I’m not feeling dark. Really!

In other news? Jean shorts are pretty awesome. So’re shoes. They protect your feet. Not the shorts, I mean the shoes.