Poem: So It Is – To Call It Love – Don’t Bury Me

The aching heart is broken once

And what is broken, breaks no further

So it is

So it was


A knot untied

Is a problem solved

And what is solved, is said and done

So it is

So it was


A noose without

A body to hang

Is a tool unused, a crying shame

So it is

So it was


When a light’s filament

Has burnt itself out

It’s a light

To be replaced.


This broken heart has again been broken;

This problem is solved, but remains unspoken

This noose is full; yet so empty

Someone will kindle this filament’s flame

But I don’t want

To be the same.

To call it love is to ask for trouble

To call it unfair is to curse the rubble

Under a building set to fall

Down on you;

On us all


To find the truth

Is to find a needle

Amongst the hay

Made from pins


To find a heart

Fit for me

Is to find a man

Free from sins


I ask for trouble

And hex the ground

On which I stand

Under the shroud

Of falling ‘crete

Like solid rain

To make me one

With earth again.


Light the flame

The vigil’s wick

My funeral crowd

Will not be thick.

Don’t bury me

In coldest ground-

Let me sit above

Lay me down with guilty looks

Upon the leaves, down by the brook

That weaves through trees

That sway so sweet

To the wind’s

Hidden beat


Cover me not

With soil’s touch

And do not fuss


I’d rather sit

By  river’s side

And give the worms

A place to hide.


I’d rather be


And then many


With the earth

And poor

As a penny.


©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)



Tired and lonely at 1:00 AM and I start getting poetic.

Do  enjoy them anyway (They can be read apart or as one. It’s a hybrid poem). Poetry is poetry, no matter the trigger.



PS: I’ll be okay, I think. Just need a little time, is all.

Poem: Elf Lord

I know a man

With silver eyes

Whose heart is cold as snow


He’s trapped within a golden globe

Where other men can’t go


He loves to listen to all the girls

Sing their pretty songs


But try as he may

Try as he might

He cannot sing along


I know a man

With silver eyes

Whose heart is still as stone


He courted me

And gave me this

A child

Not flesh and bone


I raised her up

As best as I may

And hoped only

For the best


But father’s call

Has grown too strong

I fear she will not rest


She’ll scour the earth

For to find

Herself a human spouse


Her silver eyes

Forever behind

A veil

Not a blouse


I know a girl

With sylvan eyes

Who wears the guise of a man


She’s my daughter

Through and through

I love her


I can.





©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)



What, can’t I enjoy writing simple sylvan poetry??? Does it have to be epically long every time??? Pish posh!

My, Sam, such harsh language. You’ll scare your readership away.

Anyway. Enjoy.