Long story made extremely short:

Laptop broke.





Okay, so I totally wasn’t going to just post a sentence or two and call it quits. Oh no. I’m a word weaver. So I am, right now, going to endeavor to deliver words that will do this atrocity justice.

This is- amazing. Without my laptop, I’m incapable of writing! My reliance on technology is complete. I am currently writing from a desktop computer, and it is not mine. I feel as though a light has gone from my world.  I’ve been forced to reformat the thing, and that, while time consuming, isn’t so bad. No, what’s bad is the disc I need to reinstall the system is currently missing. While I don’t imagine it will be gone for too long….

I had a breakdown yesterday anyway. A loud and then quiet meltdown. So overcome with anger was I, that I was incapable of voicing it coherently, and the stream of profanity was nearly unintelligible.

It didn’t last. I sank into a slow depression.

“BUT ERIS!” I hear.

“Why not write using your notebook?”

The answer for you is simple: I DON’T KNOW!

I rely on computers far too much. I grew  up with the darn things. I write on simple text edit programs and play simple games and enjoy myself immensely. I watch videos and- HAHA.

Youtube, oh, Youtube. Hours of my life are now gone, and but for your constantly ‘updated’ format and amazingly cluttered interface, I could have them back. The answer to my problem, my friends, is Flashplayer.

Yes, this devious device, in its latest incarnation, is capable of stripping the dignity from any browser I put in contact with it, and later, as the faults grow in size- almost imperceptibly at first, but gradually building momentum- I am assailed by slowdown to the point of making the laptop unusable. Then, when I attempt a restart, it dies for the final time, the system coughing its last.

Through the clever use of Firewire and elbow grease, I have been able to save the stories and projects I had on it- and you know, I might just start coming home and posting from my desktop, despite the fact that it’s inferior in some respects [read, all of them]. I’m no more tech savvy than the next person, as should be extremely obvious. I make no judgements on flashplayer or Youtube or anything like that. But I certainly won’t be using my laptop to access it- the thing is obviously too ancient. Once the reformat is complete and the CDs found, I’ll likely be doing nothing but posting on the site and writing my main projects from that thing.

Anyway, yeah, no problem. I should be back on schedule soon. Sorry for the lack of prose. Those of you who can laugh at my plight, feel free to post a ‘HAHAHA’ here. Those who are sympathetic can post ‘D’awwww…’ and those who are indifferent feel free to instead discuss the impact Green energy might have on the economy as a whole.

Back to the salt mines.