Candy, Serendipity, and Fractured Fairytales

So there is basically nothing better than getting done with class and immediately going out to the snack machine because you’ve got two dollars to burn and you’re starving.

No, wait. It’s realizing that even though two dollars can’t cover it, you’ve got an extra fifty cents in coins serendipitously placed in your wallet and then nabbing both a pack of starbursts and some Sprite. That is the best.

…What? :c

I can write about things other than writing and poetry!

For instance, right now I’m in college. No, seriously, just sitting outside of my next class waiting for my Professor and snackin’ on starbursts and Sprite. Enjoying the knowledge that I’ve got nothin’ to do but write over the weekend. Oh, and celebrate. But you know, celebratin’ is all part of the ritual of the end of the week.

I’m sore from Taekwondo a yesterday. Every muscle is burning. But you know what? I feel fantastic anyway. It’s been a good week. I’ve been sick and sore and miserable but I’m in the best of spirits. I feel like I’ve climbed a previously insurmountable wall and that, on reaching the other side, I’ve found a vast library of knowledge waiting for me, like the whole rest of my life might be just one new exciting thing after another. And honestly? I’m not sure I can wait.

In other news related to writing, woohoo! I’m working on a fractured fairytale! It’s based on the classic story– but not too classic because ew– of Sleeping Beauty. This was for my creative writing club. Is, I mean. I’m not done with it just yet. I plan to spit it out over the weekend.

In working on it, it’s also given me an idea for my next big project! Which I know, I say a lot. I’m thinking of two main prospects right now. One, titled Twins, will be a sci fi story I’m gonna rewrite– because the first time around the idea was sound but I didn’t really much like the way that it was going.

The other, which I haven’t even chosen a name for yet, will be a serial likewise, but probably more fantasy based. I’m not sure which one I want to stick with yet. I’ll decide that this weekend too. That’s all I gotta say for now! Hopefully if I can get alllll of these stories done or started or whatever by the weekend, I can post ’em up here for you! I’ll keep you updated!