Poem: These Long Winter Halls

The long winter halls

These long winter halls

Have faded in time

Have faded in rhyme

and reason untold

unbound by the shape

of the skeleton who sits

at the throne

by the foot

of the tall statue’s gold.


And the tall statue bold,

who stands above all

and stares sternly down at the skeleton thrall

once a king but not now

not a king anymore

his key unlocks nothing

but a small silver door

at the foot of the throne

between cold gold knees

as the skeleton’s jaws now


in the breeze

that rolls through the halls

these cold mountain halls

these cold winter halls

these long winter halls

where the skeleton sits

on his throne, and in thrall

a king of nothing, no

of nothing

at all

but a pause and a shift and a creak in his jaw

from the wind

that blows

through this long





©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Here you go guys. Got another poem. Working on like five stories. Prolly’ll post one or two of them. When, you ask?? When they’re done!




Collaboration Poem: The Little Man Inside of Me & He Won’t Hurt You Now

A pair of poems I collaborated on with a friend. (She wrote the first, I wrote the second and we decided it’d be great to have them together. Check her out, she’s an awesome poet!)
Collaborator Bribee’s site:
Big Red Comfy Couch


The Little Man Inside of Me

I’ve got a feeling

A beast in my belly

That says

Don’t forget

That whispers it

And this beast

He presses on the back of my eyes

Trying to squeeze out tears

That I won’t let come

He brings his deceit

And uses it to prop the corners of my mouth up

He’s the only one that knows

Knows the truth

And he smiles his

Crooked grin

Because he knows

That he holds the power


He Won’t Hurt You Now

That little man

Inside of you

Can’t tell me

What to do

I’ll beat him black

And beat him blue

If he dares

To hurt you

I’ll pull him out

On to the floor

And kick his butt

Right out the door

If he so much

As wonders why

I’ll drive him back

Though he can’t die

While he’ll be back

For now he’s gone

So quiet down

You’ve cried too long

Frown’d to tears

You’re safe with me

No need to fear him





©2012 Eris and Bribee


I like the way these turned out together. I read Bribee’s The Little Man Inside of Me and it immediately pulled a poem out from my fingers! I could barely get it down before my laptop spontaneously combusted. Do check her out! I love the way her poetry flows.