Poem: Memory of Dust

We’re the same

You and I

You of dust

I of bone


We’re the same,

You and I

Heart of gold

Heart of stone


We’re the same,

You and I

Mind like steel

Soul like a groan

A sigh

A terrible desire

To do wrong.


I’m not yours to fight

To share

To cry or despair over


I’m not yours to hold close

To your heart

I’m dust

I won’t part

From the mind where I remember you

Standing there


As my host



We’re the same

You and I

I of flesh

You of blood


We’re the same

You and I

Face of metal

Feet of wheels


Gears that turn

That run and weave

Here and there

Laced like leaves

Gears that shift

Back and forth

Up and down

round and round

Like circles they turn

They flow

They melt

And twist into shape

To you.


We’re not the same

You and I

You’re of blood

And I’m of bone

Broken and white

Jagged and stark

Against an uncaring

Blue and black



We’re not the same

I and you

I of bone

You of blood

Spilled red from arms

Cut and bleeding

Weeping crimson

In pools

Around your sprawled




Who are we

I and you?

Who is it exactly

I talk to

At night in the dark-

Words unspoken from lips

That park

Themselves half open?


I talk to you,

I talk to you,

Because inside- not out-

We are the same.


©2013 Sam Oliver


I got a few unexpected troubles. I’m gonna just keep on movin’ on. This poem flowed so easily- I must have really needed it!