Poem: Cold Memory

Ash and marble


The two conjoined as one

The gray in sparks of white and blue

Show I’ve come undone

She’s still as stone and half as


The envy in her eyes

To steal it back, that vessel of bone


As it dies

Cold memory, come back to me

I long to have you near

The ivory heartbeat in my chest

Screams within my ear

Torrid dark

The heat is stark

Inside its crystal cage

Flaring, glowing, shining rock

That reminds one of a stage

His voice is stilled

And I’ll be killed

If caught here in my home

I pray to thoughts

That whisper loud

“Don’t draw him to my throne.”

Cold memory, abandon me

It hurts to have you near

The ebony cold, a void in my chest

A desperate cliff too sheer

Ash and bone

Fully combined

Fused by heat from a star

I scream and cry

As flames leap high

But I’m not carried far

They throw me down into that pit

Trapped by stake and stem

Struggle though I might and may

The priest condemns my sin

My voice is lost inside a heart

My own still buried within

Cold memory, return to me

I cry when you aren’t here

Of times when hope and love were close

To the heart now drenched in fear

“Cold memory, be kind to me!”

I call from off the path.

My mind is broken glass that cuts

The bitterness of my past



©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)


The next chapter of either The Shifting Flames or Three Hearts will be up, probably sometime this week or the next.