Poem: This is a new beginning

Like an old friend,

or a place I’d known the name of

for an eon

or a month

or a day, a minute

a moment


This is a new beginning,

and that was an old ending

an end to where I’d been

(though I’ll never forget it all)

an end to what I was

a moment ago

and now?


Now it’s ever forward

ever closer to my goal

rushing onward


embracing what I cherish most

leaving behind the past

far off in the dust.


This is another day

Another moment



like crystal in my mind

like light in through the window

looking deep into my soul

a ray of the sun

summer’s song

seeping in

slipping by

the gaps in my defenses

(why would I defend against this?)

to sink into my heart.


From any other angle

it looks like an attack

like I’ve been struck


like I’ve been struck


(and I do feel quite silly

with this grin on my face)

i’m enjoying this too much

the crystal high of progress

of movement, finally forward

and the words that it inspired

I’m enjoying this too much–

this feeling like I’m falling




with the joy of never-knowing

exactly what comes next.


This is a new beginning

and I am on my way


is a new beginning

and after all that delay

it struck me now

exactly how

far I’ve come

and how far

I know I’ll go


This is the end

of a new beginning

and the start

of so much more.




©2019 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Hey everybody. Long time no see! I’m employed and my little recovery period is done. I can’t promise I’ll write here every day, but I’m going to be doing more writing than I was. Any freebies I do will wind up here. That IS a promise.