Poem: Reality is as Hard as Stone

But not just any stone in hand

A rough and jagged one

It breaks your bones when thrown to wake

Your troubled mind from sleep


It skids across your cheek and sings

Its dirge digs through the depths of you

It shatters figurative windows and brings,

Wherever they lie in your head,

Behind your eyes or


The touch of dirt beneath your fingers

The scent of scum

Will rise


Rise and begin that hated thing

The thing you fought to escape

Back to light within your heart


Back against the nape


Of your neck-

The cold steel of that knife

Tears you free of your dreams

You jolt once and awake

To the present

Where safe

Hangs the thread of innocent



Fingering that pendant,

Pondering the past

You think of a time, long ago,

When reality



©2013 Sam Oliver (Eris)


Hey. Poetry today. Written with a few other story/microfiction pieces I might post some other time.



News post and then the next story. IN THAT ORDER. That’s right, I’m giving news more priority than MY NEXT SHORT STORY. TREMBLE.