Poem: Never for You

New poetry section’ll go up today, along with shortlinks to every poem I’ve put up so far. I’m going to be trying to put something new up every day- whether it’s a poem or a blog post about my day or a short story- whatever, whichever. This one is technically an older poem- but I wanted to share, because otherwise it just gathers dust. The exception to the blogging days might have to be on the weekend, just because it’s always so busy! By tomorrow I’ll have a new short story done- but I’ll be trying to get that one published on the following day, rather than publishing it here. To make it up to you guys I’ve got short stories and another main project I’ll be working on simultaneously- though not on Fridays. When they’ll get up here is anyone’s guess, but just because I want some of my stuff published for monies doesn’t mean that I’ll stop posting for free.

Any project I get done with that I’ve designated as free is unlikely to be snapped up, and even if it was it would be a conditional agreement- one that would require it to be maintained on this site for free even if it were available in print elsewhere. Just remember that I said that, and make sure to throw it back in my face when I inevitably become corrupt and slippery like the worst of the politicians.

Anyway, there I go off on a tangent again. Enjoy the poem, my loyal and diehard fans. Everyone else can enjoy it too I guess.



Never for You

A short poem by Sam Oliver [Eris]



They fall,

So brightly

So beautifully

Like a hundred thousand glittering, freezing shards of light

I can feel them there

Laughing at me

Toying with me

My heart

My self


The cold in my eyes

The cold in my soul

Feel its burn

Through iron

And wool.

Through iron

And wool,

My heart beats true

Not for you

No, never

For you


Stilted growth

A bleeding hope

Reddened rain

Drops down in tandem with the ache, pounding in my head

I can hear it there

Staring at me

Catching my scent

My soul

My self


The warmth in my eyes

The warmth in my spirit

Feel its chill

Through steel

And song.

Through steel

And song,

My life burns anew

Hardly for you

No, never

For you


They rise

So hotly

So painfully

Like a chorus of a hundred black lights, shining dying stars

I can taste them there

Sobbing for me

Poisoning my breath

My mind

My self


The dark in my eyes

The dark in my thought

Fear its coming

Through blood

And ash.

Through blood

And ash,

My dream sparks truth

But not for you

No, never

For you



©2012 Sam Oliver [Eris]