Poem: Bitter Winter

So you’ll find her standing there

Her soul aflame with white;

So you’ll find her waiting there

Trapped in silver night

Waiting for her knight to come

To take her off and away

But bitter Winter knows very well

That never will come that day

Her knight will never ride on down

Through heavens, tracking cloud

Her warrior’s sword will never pierce

That blackest, silvery shroud

Winter cannot be embraced

By any mortal man

And so she’ll wait there

In the dark

And in it, hatch a plan

The eggshells formed of naught but hope

Crumble from her fists

The painful tears that dot her eyes show for sure

Her fix

She cannot form a plan on nothing

In this empty space

She’s trapped within the confines of

Her darkest, deepest place

In her heart.

Bitter Winter curses as inside the dark she cries

She curses those who took from her the best parts of her lives

On earth where she’d be free to do exactly as she pleased

The people wonder what has happened

Why still leaves fall from trees

But it’s in mourning that they fall

Of her who now resides

Within the coldest hardest place

Within her ice-mind’s eye

It’s for her that all will sob

Out tears of joy and sorrow

The cold that once was part of them

Is now but melting, so

Bitter Winter bites her lip, and stops her constant cries

Her face takes on a different shape

One composed, belies

The terrible rage now burning in her

Aching for release

When Bitter Winter comes again

The world will drown in sheets

Of snow.



©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)

My heart aches. And aches and aches. I’m sad. I want to curl up in a ball and do nothing today.

But instead I’m sucking it up and standing up and putting on a brave face for what remains of the evening. And my goddess is that hard. It hurts even to try. I feel crushed in a hundred different ways, pulled in a thousand different directions. And this poetry right now? It’s the only way I know how to express any of it. I’m terrible at expressing this feeling in person. Always have been. I’m inarticulate and I can’t even bring myself to say it.

Anyway. ❤ Just had to get this poem out. Still waiting on my laptop adaptor cord before I can really get started again. Enjoy this poem in the meantime, I guess?? Sorry. They can’t all be cheerful, I guess.