Poem: She Spoke to Me

“Bathe in darkness,” came her reply

When I asked her

Of the path below:


“Bathe in darkness and sing without song,

find a place where the light is long gone,

Strike out the last of the matches you hold

And with flames snuff out

Your hope, shining gold.”


The path below is what I seek

She told me where to go

She spoke to me of things

I could not heed then-

But now I know, I know.


“Hurl a curse at a dying man’s fears

Forge a blade from a whore’s ice tears

Cut through the veil with that knife of deceit

And you shall find the way

To the path



She spoke to me

First in dark

Bathed in its silky soft touch

She spoke to me

Then in light

Her form hissing

Shining far too much

To look at.


Now she speaks again in form-

-neither light nor dark:


“The path below is fraught with danger

Fear its hardened, bladed edges

Its walls like steel razor;

The ground beneath your blooded feet

Is paved in molten gold

And all that touch its surface burn

Until their tale is told

In scorchmarks on the metal wall

Their ashes imprint forever

The agony they suffered as

They moved through their endeavor

To cross the path below is not

A task for the faint of heart

So tell me mortal, tell me please

Why must you depart?

Stay with me in my domain

Live here ever after

Dine on roses, plums and cherries

And forget that world’s disaster

The terrible, monstrous deadly world

Filled with mortal afflictions

Here you will never grow old

And be free of all infection.”


Do I answer yea or nay?

I wonder now, right here

I have not answered yea or nay

And know not why I fear

To give an answer straight and true

To tell her I must leave


Again, again I ask why now

Repeating her bold words

Why tread the path to mortal earth

The path below my feet

Why move along that razored ground

And burn to naught but meat

Why shackle again this soul to walls

Of flesh, blood and bone

When I am happy here with Her

And nothing

When I am alone.


©2012 Sam Oliver (Eris)

I’m not sure what I was really thinking when I wrote this, but it took me a little bit of work to get into something I was willing to present. My poetry is dark right now, but I’m actually feeling pretty good, today. I was thinking of writing some more about gender later on, it’s been a while since I’ve so much as poked that topic. ❤