Story Ideas: Deceive, And So Space Burns

One might be the new main project, the other is the working title of my long-awaited short sci fi story. Deceive will probably end up being fantasy, because really I can’t think of why it wouldn’t be. If it is fantasy, I’m going to be a lazy bum and call it science fantasy. The rules will be constant, but have both themes of magic and science, so science fantasy’ll probably work. I suspect it’ll be another character focused tale, but I may change my mind in the future. I still have a long way to go before I’m ready to start releasing new chapters. Any short stories I get done with I promise I’ll release right away! But the main project is still definitely Work In Progress. I want another hefty buffer- ten chapters at least- before I start posting stuff so I can be absolutely sure that it’s the right book for me to start my writing in.

And So Space Burns is turning out nice so far. I’ll probably skin it before I’m done and ruin it at least once, but so goes the creative process.

Sorry for the long wait! Classes are as brutal as expected. Lots of birthdays and parties and things for me to be attending. I don’t have nearly enough time to write. It’s no excuse! I will finish this short story and get progress done on the main project if I have to turn everything¬†my schedule¬†inside out to do it!

Thanks for your patience, guys gals and others. Writing is my life.