Three Hearts Chapters

If you’ve read Demimind using this system before, you might know that this is a somewhat easier way to get access to all the chapters in order. I update this instantaneously upon posting a new chapter. If I don’t, complain. I am not an immense corporate empire. I’ve got all kinds of time. Comment and I’ll get on it. I won’t snark. Right?

Right. Anyway, these are the chapters for (wt) Three Hearts. It’s a serial fantasy novel and is– or darn well BETTER be if I know what I’m doing– updated every week at the least. All content is my own work unless otherwise stated, all content that ISN’T mine is credited and with the author’s permission, et cetera et cetera. [Though why I would ever be possessed to put someone else’s work in my own is anyone’s guess]

Introduction and Prologue

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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